27 March 2013

I Want To Be Brave


I have to admit that I am not a courage girl on earth. Own "muka ganas" like my friend told me but I am super duper "penakut". Yes ! 200 percent I am admit. Ghost or scary movie is one of my phobia.I know is such a silly and stupid phobia and I know as a Muslim I need and must scare only to Allah SWT and for sure I do. 

Honestly, I never spend my leisure time watching scary movie even it is comedy and I always pretend that I am brave stay or online alone at the midnight. Hypocrite! I am. My dad always get angry with me and my mom and siblings always laugh at me and teasing me with my fear. It such a joy for them and I hate that much. 

It's might not worked for me. My purpose is to help you find your inner courage and push it forward.

How to overcome fear?

Learn to curb your fears. Realize that everyone is afraid of something. Courage does not mean an absence of fear. Courage is control over your fear. A courageous person acts in spite of his fear to move forward.

Face your fears. The only way you can develop courage is to be aware of your fear and confront it consciously and continuously. Face each fear-inducing situation as a challenge and your fears become weaker while you grow stronger.

Desensitize yourself to your fears. There is a technique called ‘systematic desensitization’ which is used to treat phobias and other extreme or erroneous fears based on principles of behavior modification. In this technique, you do a fearful act over and over again until it has no more power over you. 

Your action plan in your efforts to overcome fear include the following steps:

Define what courage is in your mind. It can be learning to drive, staying alone at home, going for a walk alone, swimming, etc. People are afraid of so many different things and what is simple to you may not be so for the another person.

Identify your fears. Know and understand your fears first.

Write down a list of all your fears. Be honest with yourself and do not be ashamed of admitting your fear of even the silliest thing in life. Once your list is done, write down specific actions that you can take in order to overcome those fears.

Prioritize your tasks.

Take action today.

 => Takut boleh di atasi dan keberanian boleh dibentuk. Keberanian sangat penting tau sebab ketakutan/fobia adalah kekurangan dan mungkin sifat malu boleh timbul. Doakan Mimie agar boleh hilangkan rasa takut dekat hantu. Haha. Jangan gelakkan saya, please !

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combi said...

me too . most of my fear is gost .. :(